Keeping America Clean

Find out how dustless blasting works and what our pros in Allison & Cedar Falls, IA can do

Are you exploring your cleaning options? You might have heard of dustless blasting, which is a unique and effective cleaning method. American Power Washing LLC offers excellent dustless blasting services in Allison & Cedar Falls, IA and surrounding areas.

When we use this cleaning method on a surface, we:

Use a specialized cleaning and paint stripping machine
Fill it with a combination of water and an abrasive product
Spray your surface with our dustless blaster

When the dustless blasting fluid meets your surface, the abrasive product grinds dirt or paint away. Instead of rising in a cloud of dust, the dirt or paint is washed away in water. For more information on how this works, call 319-215-2502 now to ask our trained pros.

What can we do for you?

We can clean a lot of different features on your property. Our clients often schedule dustless blasting services for their patio furniture, cars and antique tractors. We can also repaint items after removing the old paint. Contact us right away to find out whether dustless blasting is right for your property.